Our Plan

Live Local, Work Local and Shop Local

The proposed sustainable development is capable of delivering circa 3500 housing units (including nearly 1750 dwelling units, 700 residential institutional units and 1050 affordable housings units), employment, business, retail, community leisure and sports uses, schools, green open spaces including parks, cycle area, ecological areas, principal new accesses from the A505 and other points of access, associated infrastructures and services founded on sound principles of sustainable design.


The main aim of the project is to provide a eco-friendly sustainable development to enhance current housing crisis in South Cambridge and also to generate more employment and revenue. None of this land lies in a green belt.

The Plan

You can see our plan which details where the dwellings will be and what types of amenities will be available here. 


About Us

The owners and developers of this unique proposed development have been living and farming in this area for nearly 50 years. They are sympathetic to the future local growth and needs of the Communities to create high quality residential and commercial developments.