About Us

Live Local, Work Local and Shop Local

"We are pleased to introduce to all our local communities the much needed eco-friendly Homes and modern Commercial development situated adjacent to the Heydon Grange Golf & Country Club.


The owners and developers of this unique proposed development have been living and farming in this area for nearly 50 years. They are sympathetic to the future local growth and needs of the Communities to create high quality residential and commercial developments. The developers intend to keep the disturbance to existing dwellings to a minimum. This proposed development is aligned as per the annual report prepared by the Leader and Chairman of the Executive Council of the South Cambridgeshire District Council. 


This region will also benefit from new job creation, enhance business opportunities, attract investments and promote the long term strategy of Live Local, Work Local and Shop Local.  


The Board of Directors are always open to local residents' comments and suggestions in the best interest of the local communities. Thank you."



CEO and Chairman of the Board.